Monday, August 15, 2005

INteresting thing happened last night. I wrote this when I was sitting up unable to sleep....

So I was down for the night turned off the TV and went to bed, Was laying there for about 15 minutes and falling asleep.
I heard some doors close wich is no biggie as I live ia large apartment complex, I kept trying to sleep and then i heard some car doors again. I had a wierd feeling so i got up and went directly for my 10,000 candle power spot I got for christmas, then looked out the window at my car. I saw a big black guy standing out by my car just looking around, then I saw another black guy get out of the other side of the car parked right next to mine, they both went for my driver side window and one had a slimjim or something. imlive was like WTF and immedialy shot them with the spot I had in my hands. they both jumped and went running for there car. I went out the front door right as they were driving away so I spot lighted there lisence unfotionaly there wasn't one on the car, but as I watched them go i took note of the car.
called the cops and they are out looking for them now.

funnly thing is my car had the head unit pulled and the entire interior was clean. nothing sitting around.
Cops say he was going for the whole car. We dont have much of a problem around here with Jordan Capri geting riped off moisly just stereo's and shit.

Now for the ironic part on this. I just paid my last payment on it today.

Fuck now im too amped to sleep.